Volume 38

Number 1 (Winter 2008)
Special Issue: Realism in Retrospect Volume 2, ed. Audrey Jaffe and Abby Coykendall
· Coykendall, Abby. Introduction
· Zalloua, Zahi. "Alain Robbe-Grillet's La Jalousie: Realism and the Ethics of Reading"
· Barnaby, Edward. "The Realist Novel as Meta-Spectacle"
· Arva, Eugene L. "Writing the Vanishing Real: Hyperreality and Magical Realism"
· Scanlon, Julie. "Why Do We Still Want To Believe? The Case of Annie Proulx"
· Gonzalez, Madelena. "The Aesthetics of Post-Realism and the Obscenification of Everyday Life: The Novel in the Age of Technology"

Number 2
(Summer 2008)
· Coates, Kimberly Engdahl. "Eros in the Sickroom: Phosphorescent Form and Aesthetic Ecstasy in D.H. Lawrence's Sons and Lovers"
· Singer, Marc. "Making History: Cinematic Time and the Powers of Retrospection in Citizen Kane and Nixon"
· Knight, Christopher. "Lydia Davis's Own Philosophical Investigation: The End of the Story"
· Marais, Michael. "From the Standpoint of Redemption: Aesthetic Autonomy and Social Engagement in J.M. Coetzee's Fiction of the Late Apartheid Period"
· DePreist, Maria. "Once Upon a Time, Today: Hearing Fleur's Voice in Tracks"
· Collier, Patrick C. "'Our Silly Lies': Ideological Fictions in M. Night Shyamalan's 'The Village'"

Number 3 (Fall 2008)
· Wake, Paul. "Plotting as Subversion: Narrative and the Gunpowder Plot"
· Amorós, José Antonio Álvarez. "On Mark Ambient's Henpeckery in 'The Author of Beltraffio," or How to Keep Up Narratorial Preconceptions"
· See, Sam. "Fast Books Read Slow: The Shapes of Speed in Manhattan Transfer and The Sun Also Rises"
· Just, Daniel. "The Modern Novel from a Sociological Perspective: Towards a Strategic Use of the Notion Genres"
· Booth, Paul. "Intermediality in Film and Internet: Donnie Darko and Issues of Narrative Substantiality"