Volume 4

Number 1 (Winter 1974)
· Harbert, Earl. "The Education of Henry Adams: The Confessional Mode as Heuristic Experiment"
· Schwarz, Daniel. "Art and Argument in Disraeli's Sybil"
· Stone, C.F. "Narrative Variation in Wordsworth's Versions of 'The Discharged Soldier'"
· Kligerman, Jack. "Style and Form in James Fenimore Cooper's Homeward Bound and Home as Found"
· Wicker, Brian. "Samuel Beckett and the Death of the God-Narrator"
· Marler, Robert Jr. "'A Dream': Howells' Early Contribution to the American Short Story"

Number 2 (Spring 1974)
· Ruthrof H.G. "Aspects of a Phenomenological View of Narrative"
· Maynard, John. "Perspectives on Change: Narrative Technique in Spenser's Cantos of Mutabilitie"
· Scheer, Thomas. "Mythopoeia and the Renaissance Mind: A Reading of 'A Grammarian's Funeral'"
· Holt, Carolyn. "Sir Austin and his Scrip: A New Approach to The Ordeal of Richard Feveral"
· Vopat, James. "Narrative Technique in Tom Jones: The Balance of Art and Nature"
· Wagner, Linda. "A Note on Oedipa the Roadrunner"

Number 3
(Fall 1974)
· Hotchkiss, Joyce. "Romance and Reality: The Dualistic Style of E. M. Forster's Maurice"
· Gracie, William. "Truth of Form in Edmund Gosse's Father and Son"
· Bolling, Douglas. "Intellectual and Aesthetic Dimensions of Mr. Sammler's Planet"
· Joyner, Nancy. "The Underside of the Butterfly: Lessing's Debt to Woolf"
· Doody, Terrence. "Hemingway's Style and Jake's Narration"
· Sherbo, Arthur. "A Postscript to Studies in the Eighteenth-Century English Novel"