Volume 42

Number 1 (Winter 2012)
· Michael Mayne. "Place and Agency in The House of Mirth"
· Lucia Aiello, "Looking at the 'Crack'd Mirror': Narratives of Restoration and Anticipation in Grazia Deledda's La madre and Anna Banti's Artemisia "
· Emily M. Hinnov, "Maneuvers of Silence and the Task of 'New Negro' Womanhood"
· Christopher J. Knight, "The Second Saddest Story: Despair, Belief, and Moral Perseverance in Penelope Fitzgerald's 'The Bookshop'"
· Paul Dawson, "Real Authors and Real Readers: Omniscient Narration and a Discursive Approach to the Narrative Communication Model"

Number 2
(Summer 2012)
· Lisa M. Vetere, "The Malefic Unconscious: Gender, Genre, and History in Early Antebellum Witchcraft Narratives"
· Elke D'hoker, "The Development of Katherine Mansfield's First-Person Narratives"
· Alice Bell and Jan Alber, "Ontological Metalepsis and Unnatural Narratology"
· Ashley Barnwell, "From Paranoid to Reparative: Narratives of Cultural Identification in the Social Sciences"
· Zara Dinnen, "In the Mix: The Potential Convergence of Literature and New Media in Jonathan Lethem's 'The Ecstasy of Influence'"

Number 3 (Fall 2012)
Special Issue: "Decolonizing Narrative Theory" edited by Sue J. Kim
· Sue J. Kim, "Introduction: Decolonizing Narrative Theory"
· Misun Dokk, "The Dirt on Narratives of Resistance in Jessica Hagedorn's Play Dogeaters "
· Toral Jatin Gajarawala, "Fictional Murder and Other Descriptive Deaths" V.S. Naipaul's Guerrillas and the Problem of Postcolonial Description"
· Jennifer Riddle Harding, "Narrating the Family in Charles W. Chesnutt's 'Her Virginia Mammy'"
· Laura Buchholz, "Unnatural Narrative in Postcolonial Contexts: Re-reading Salman Rushdie's Midnight Children "