Volume 44

Number 1 (Winter 2014)
· Greta Olson, "Like a Dog: Rituals of Animal Degradation in J.M. Coetzee's Disgrace and Abu Ghraib Prison"
· Frida Beckman, "Becoming Pawn: Alice, Arendt, and the New in Narrative"
· Ming Dong Gu, "Postmodernity without Postmodern Conditions: Homemade Modernism in Lu Xun’s Old Tales Retold"
· Jim Donahue, "Focalization, Ethics, and Cosmopolitanism in James Welch’s Fools Crow"
· Marco Caracciolo, "Beyond Other Minds: Fictional Characters, Mental Simulation, and 'Unnatural' Experiences"

Number 2
(Summer 2014)
· Kate Drabinski, "Incarnate Possibilities: Female to Male Transgender Narratvies and the Making of the Self"
· Mike Marais, "'I Am Infinitely Strange to Myself': Existentialism, the Bildungsroman, and John Fowles’s The French Lieutenant’s Woman"
· Maximilian Alders. "'Mind-Telling' in Silas Lapham"
· Heidi Bollinger, "Crimes of Racial and Generic Mixing in John A. Williams’s Clifford’s Blues"
· Ioana Patuleanu, Deep Readings and Thin Screens: Narrative Kenosis in Jane Barker's A Patch-Work Screen for the Ladies"
· Julián Jiménez Heffernan, "'At the Court Of Bellona': Political and Libidinal Usurpation in Barry Lyndon"

Number 3 (Fall 2013)
Special Issue: "Consensual Empires" edited by Nataša Kovačević
· Kristine Kotecki, "Europeanizing the Balkans at the Sarajevo Film Festival"
· Erin Trapp, "Human Rights Poetry: On Ferida Duraković’s Heart of Darkness"
· Mary Dellenbaugh, "The Creation of Consensus through Spatial Appropriation: Normalization of Western Hegemony in
the Built Environment"
· Irena Šentevska, "Turbo-Folk as the Agent of Empire: On Discourses of Identity and Difference in Popular Culture"
· Elena Danilova, "Neoliberal Hegemony and Narratives of 'Losers' and 'Winners' in Post-Socialist Transformations"
· Gabriel Tsang, "Political Narratology and Consensual Development in Post-Mao China"