Volume 47

Number 1 (Winter 2017)
· Allison Tharp, "'There is a secret down here...': Physical Containment and Social Instruction in Rebecca Harding Davis’s 'Life in the Iron Mills'"
· Margaret Toth, "Seeing Edith Wharton’s Ghosts: The Alternative Gaze on Page and Screen"
· Ryan Siemers, "'Eternal, Slithery Penance': Graham Swift's Waterland and the Secularization of Confession"
· Chang-Hee Kim, "The Biopolitical Effect of Cold War Containment in a Coming-of-Age Narrative"
· Elif Oztabak Avci, "'Playing Bad for White Ears': A Study of the Narratee in Andrea Levy's The Long Song
· Rahul K. Gairola and Ashna Ali, "Ambivalence and Security in the Anglo-American Empire: A Critical Dialogue with Professor Homi K. Bhabha”

Number 2 (Summer 2017)
· Scott Stroud and Jaishikha Nautiyal, "Embedded Stories and the Use of Ambiguity in Ancient Indian Narratives: Selfshadowing in the Anugītā
· Ju Young Jin, "Spies in the Third Space: Spy as a Trope for Cultural Emplacement in Chang-rae Lee’s Native Speaker and Kim Young-Ha’s Your Republic is Calling You"
· Dale Pattison, "Domestic Violence: The Narrative Architectures of Michael Haneke's Funny Games"
· Alexandra Effe, "Coetzee’s Summertime as a Metaleptic Conversation"
· Swaralipi Nandi, "Narrative Ambiguity and the Neoliberal Bildungsroman in Aravind Adiga's The White Tiger"

Number 3 (Fall 2017)
· Eliza Chandler, “Troubled Walking: Storying the In-Between”
· Chris Foss, “‘For the future let those who come to play with me have no hearts’: The Affect of Pity in Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Birthday of the Infanta’”
· Amanda Apgar, “Becoming Narratives: The Entanglement of Ability, Gender, Sexuality, and Time in ‘Special Needs’ Memoir”
·Skye Anicca, “Cripping the Mermaid: A Borderlands Approach to Feminist Disability Studies in Valerie Martin’s ‘Sea Lovers’”
· Evan Chaloupka, “Intersubjectivity and Narrative Technique in Of Mice and Men and ‘Johnny Bear’”