Volume 5

Number 1 (Winter 1975)
· Shawcross, John. "Paradise Lost and 'Novelistic' Technique"
· Wilhelm, Albert. "The Dramatized Narrator in Wordsworth's The Idiot Boy"
· Bonney, William. "Narrative Perspective in Victory: the Thematic Relevance"
· Adair, William. "A Farewell to Arms: A Dream Book"
· Fetrow, Fred. "The Function of the External Narrator in Thomas Berger's Little Big Man"
· Wegs, Joyce. "'Don't you know who I am?': The Grotesque in Oates's 'Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?'"

Number 2
(Spring 1975)
· Jambeck, Thomas. "Characterization and Syntax in the Miller's Tale"
· Collins, Billy. "Huckleberry Finn: A Mississippi Moses"
· Davis, Cynthia. "'The Key to the Treasure': Narrative Movements and Effects in Chimera"
· Tintner, Adeline. "Iconic Analogy in 'The Lesson of the Master': Henry James's Legend of Saint George and the Dragon"
· Stuckey, W.J. "'The Killers' as Experience"
· Grudin, Peter. "The Monk: Matilda and the Rhetoric of Deceit"

Number 3
(Fall 1975)
· Hansen, Elaine. "Ambiguity and the Narrator in The Scarlet Letter"
· Estrin, Mark. "Narrative Ambivalence in Hawthorne's 'Feathertop'"
· Porter, Roger. "Edmund Gosse's Father and Son: Between Form and Flexibility"
· Priestman, Donald. "Superstition and Imagination: Complementary Faculties of Wordsworth's Narrator in 'The Thorn'"
· Smitten, Jeffrey. "Spatial Form as Narrative Technique in A Sentimental Journey"
· Vauthier, Simone. "Title as Microtext: The Example of The Moviegoer"