Volume 6

Number 1 (Winter 1976)
· Winslow, Joan. "Esther Summerson: The Betrayal of the Imagination"
· Blackall, Jean. "Point of View in Villette"
· Dibble, Jerry. "Stephen's Esthetic and Joyce's Art: Theory and Practice of Genre in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man"
· Ramsey, Roger. "Light Imagery in The Sound and the Fury: April 7, 1928"
· Delaney, Paul. "The Dissolving Self: The Narrators of Mark Twain's Mysterious Stranger Fragments"
· Rose, Ellen. "The End of the Game: New Directions in Doris Lessing's Fiction"

Number 2 (Spring 1976)
· Wilt, Judith. "A Right Issue from the Tight Place: Henry James and Maria Gostrey"
· Diehl, Joanne. "'One Life Within Us and Abroad': The Subverted Realist in The Sacred Fount"
· Schwarz, Daniel. "The Significance of the Language Teacher in Conrad's Under Western Eyes"
· Linehan, Tom. "The Importance of Plot in Little Dorrit"
· Spendal, R.J. "The Structure of The Painted Bird"
· Jeffrey, David. "Smollett's Irony in Peregrine Pickle"
· Traubitz, Nancy. "Heavenly Mother: The Trinity as Structural Device in Edmund's Gosse's Father and Son"

Number 3 (Fall 1976)
· Schleifer, Ronald. "Narrative in Yeats's In the Seven Woods"
· Snow, Malinda. "The Origins of Defoe's First-Person Narrative Technique: An Overlooked Aspect of the Rise of the Novel"
· Rubin, Stan. "Spectator and Spectacle: Narrative Evasion and Narrative Voice in Pickwick Papers"
· VanDeVyvere, J.L. "The Mediatorial Voice of the Narrator in E.M. Forster's Howard's End"
· Sullivan, Zohreh. "Forster's Symbolism: A Room with a View, Fourth Chapter"
· Stuckey, W.J. "The Sun Also Rises on Its Own Ground"