Volume 7

Number 1 (Winter 1977)
· Pickering, Samuel. "The Evolution of a Genre: Fictional Biographies for Children in the Eighteenth Century"
· Uphaus, Suzanne. "The Centaur: Updike's Mock Epic"
· Watson, Wallace. "'The Shade of Old Flaubert' and Maupassant's 'Art Impeccable (Prespue)': French Influences on the
· Development of Conrad's Marlow"
· Fabricant, Carole. "Tristram Shandy and Moby-Dick: A Cock and Bull Story and a Tale of a Tub"
· James, David. "Story and Substance in Lovel the Widower"

Number 2 (Spring 1977)
· Visser, N. W. "Temporal Vantage Point in the Novel"
· Hardesty, William and David Mann. "Historical Reality and Fictional Daydream in Treasure Island"
· Ramsey, Roger. "Clothing Makes a Queen in The Clerk's Tale"
· Waters, Gregory. G. T.'s "'Worthless Enterprise': A Study of the Narrator in Gascoigne's 'The Adventures of Master F. J.'"
· Routh, Michael. Isabel Archer's "'Inconsequesce': A Motif Analysis of The Portrait of a Lady"
· Slatoff, Walter. "The 'Great Sin' in For Whom the Bell Tolls"
· Rabkin, Eric. "Conflation of Genres and Myths in David Lindsay's A Voyage to Arcturus"

Number 3
(Fall 1977)
· Cowart, David. "Love and Death: Variations on a Theme in Pynchon's Early Fiction"
· Lennon, J. Michael. "Mailer's Radical Bridge"
· Winslow, Joan. "New Light on Hawthorne's Miles Coverdale"
· Fast, Robin. "Getting to the Ends of Daniel Deronda"
· Taylor, S. Ortiz. "Episodic Stucture in the Picaresque Novel"
· Ditsky, John. "F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Jacob's Ladder"