Volume 8

Number 1 (Winter 1978)
· French, Marilyn. "The Voices of the Sirens in Joyce's Ulysses"
· Prendowska, Krystyna. "Jerzy Kosinski: A Literature of Contortion"
· Dowling, Linda. "Venus and Tannhauser: Beardsley's Satire of Decadence"
· Westervelt, Linda. "Teller, Tale, Told: Relationships in John Barth's Latest Fiction"
· Jones, Lawrence. "'Infected by a Vein of Mimeticism': George Eliot and the Technique of Far from the Madding Crowd"

Number 2 (Spring 1978)
· Tintner, Adeline. "Lady into Horse: James's 'Lady Barberina' and Gulliver's Travels, Part IV"
· Abrams, Steven. "The Blood Oranges as a Visionary Fiction"
· Patteson, Richard. "King Solomon's Mines: Imperialism and Narrative Structure"
· Dupras, Joseph. "Sacramental Language for Love's Warrant in Browning's 'Saul'"
· Reynolds, Larry. "Enlightening Darkness: Theme and Structure in Eudora Welty's Losing Battles"
· Rosowski, S.J. "Narrative Technique in Cather's My Mortal Enemy"

Number 3
(Fall 1978)
· Goetz, William. "The Allegory of Representation in The Tragic Muse"
· Higgins, Joanna. "The Ambassadorial Motif in The Ambassadors"
· Bradham, Jo. "Boswell's Narrative of Oliver Edwards"
· Cohen, Philip. "Narrative and Persuasion in The Ruined Cottage"
· Hurt, James. "The Primal Scenes as Narrative Model in Ford's The Good Soldier"
· Fox, Arnold. "Aesthetics of the Problem Novel in Trollope's Phineas Finn"