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(These courses will work for degree requirements in both the MA in EST and the MAT-English programs as well as endorsements and graduate credit toward your license renewal)

ENGL 518/ENGL 530 Topics & Issues in English/Education:  English Studies for Teachers (Staunton)
ONLINE for the first time!  

ENGL 518 CRN 27056; ENGL 530 CRN 27057

These two courses are cross-listed and will meet together as a single, seminar-style class.  They are open to students in any program, especially those interested in what happens when we teach in the disciple(s) of English.

Taught by Professor John Staunton, who specializes in Literature Pedagogy and is Coordinator of English Education Programs at Eastern Michigan University, the class provides opportunities for students to explore the field of English/Education and issues of research and pedagogy in the discipline(s).  Among the topics/activities:  teaching, learning, and schooling “English”; using language and discourse analysis to examine how students interpret literature; reading/viewing/composing multimodal texts; leadership, advocacy, and social justice in the English classroom; assessing student performance; constructing theoretical frameworks and examining consequences for student learning, etc.  Participants will discover potential research topics and pedagogical transformations, linking course experiences to their own current or future classrooms.  The class will be offered online with both synchronous and asynchronous components. 

NOTE: ENGL 530 fulfills a requirement for students admitted to the MA in English Studies for Teachers program at EMU; all other students from other programs/universities should simply register for ENGL 518, which will satisfy a cognate or elective requirement in your programs.

Please Contact Professor John Staunton for more information ( jstaunto@emich.edu ). 

ENGL 508 Writing for Secondary Teachers (SIPE) T 5:30-8:10

A writing course for students teaching or preparing to teach in various disciplines in secondary schools. Students develop their skills as writers and learn how to teach writing in all content areas. Special focus on recent composition research, theory, and practices, and on strategies, materials and evaluation techniques.  Taught by Professor Rebecca Sipe, the illustrious Director of the Eastern Michigan Writing Project, this course is the perfect option for any teacher and teacher-to-be who wants to make writing central to their teaching,  no matter the subject area.

For more information, contact Professor Sipe (rsipe@emicch.edu)

ENGL 509 Teaching English for Secondary Schools (SIPE) R 5:30-8:10

A methods course in designing and delivering English Language Arts instruction in secondary school settings.  For secondary English education majors with focus on appropriate methods and materials for teaching language arts in grades 7-12. Special attention will be given to lesson planning, evaluation techniques and classroom management.  Also taught by Professor Rebecca Sipe, who in addition to being the illustrious Director of the Eastern Michigan Writing Project, is also past Chair of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Conference on English Leadership. This course is the perfect option for any teacher and teacher-to-be who wants to become leaders in literacy learning.

LITR 585 Literature for Teachers

NEW for WINTER: Studies in 20th &21st Century African American Literature

Literature for Teachers combines study of particular literary content with discussion of methods for teaching. Subject matter varies by semester, focused either on a specific genre, literary period, or set of issues in teaching literature. Assignments and discussions of content will emphasize pedagogical approaches to particular literary studies and issues.

This WINTER we are fortunate to offer for the first time a course focusing on African American Literature, taught by Dr. Robin Lucy (rlucy@emich.edu)

LITR 527: Studies in 20 th and 21 st Century African American Literature/ LITR 585: LITR for
Teachers,  T 6:30- 9:10, PH 318, CRN 25964

This course includes a wide range of texts, beginning with James Weldon Johnson’s The
Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man (1912) – a novel “passing” as an ethnographic first-person
narrative – and concluding with Paul Beatty’s satirical and irreverent The Sellout (2015). In
between we will discuss the work of Nella Larsen, Zora Neale Hurston, Sterling Brown, George
Schuyler, Ishmael Reed, and Michelle Cliff. We will explore these texts in the context of the

African diaspora, American history, the visual representations of African Americans, and the
literate (the slave narrative) and oral / aural foundations (folklore and music) of the African
American tradition.

ENGL 592  Winter Writing Institute (Fleischer) FRIDAYS 9 a.m.-2 p.m. (1/11, 1/25, 2/8, 2/22, 3/8, 3/22, 4/5, 4/12)

Taught by Professor Cathy Fleischer, NCTE Imprint Editor for the Principles in Practice Series and tireless advocate for literacy learners and literacy teachers, this Winter version of the EMWP Summer Institute focuses on three key principles:  Teacher as Writer, Teacher as Researcher, and Teacher as Leader, Professional, Advocate.  

Contact Professor Fleischer (cfleische@emich.edu) for more information.

LING 503: Introduction to Linguistic Science T/Th 5:00 – 6:15, PH 418, CRN 24181, Professor Eric Acton

Contact Professor Acton (eaccton1@eemich.edu) for more information.

LING 504: Modern English Grammar, W 5:00 – 7:30, Ph 325, CRN 25074,

For more information, contact Professor Seely (tseely@emich.edu)