Eastern Michigan University
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Undergraduate Studies: Language, Literature, and Writing for Teachers

Interested in teaching middle or high school English?

The undergraduate program in English education, in coordination with the College of Education, prepares you meet this goal. In addition to General Education courses, you'll be taking classes in literature, writing, linguistics and teaching through the English department; classes in teaching through the College of Education; and classes in your minor.  

  1. Take the required courses for the Language, Literature and Writing for Teachers Major or Minor. You can find these (and more information) in the   Advising Packet Also, be sure to meet with an advisor in the English Education program early on; your advisor will help you make the process go as smoothly as possible. Read about  Advising  here to learn more.
  2. Complete the Professional Studies portion of your degree through the Teacher Education department of the College of Education. Be sure to look at the College of Education website for more information.
  3. Pass the state of Michigan's Testing Requirements: both the Michigan Test of Basic Skills (before admission to the College of Education) and theMichigan Subject Test for English (taken toward the end of your program). 

Along the way, make sure you sign up for  LiveText , an online portfolio system.


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