Natasha Wickenheiser


Written Communication 2015

Title: First Year Writing Instructor & Writing Center Tutor at EMU

"When I decided to study in EMU’s Written Communication Program, I didn't realize that I was making one of the most important decisions of my academic and professional life. I didn’t realize that, in addition to growing as a writer, I would also grow as a communicator, a collaborator, and a critical thinker. Because this program is grounded in rhetorical theory and practice, students learn how to strategically navigate and negotiate writing across dynamic contexts with various audiences. They begin to recognize writing as a social activity—dependent upon interactive contexts—and they begin to understand and articulate the real value that they bring to those contexts. Learning to articulate my value as a written communication professional was one of the most challenging, but most empowering lessons I learned throughout my time at EMU. Because I’ve been through this program, I’ve learned how to communicate effectively across contexts, and I know how to help others see the value in that work. EMU’s Written Communication Program doesn’t just teach you a skill set; it teaches you a new framework for looking at and solving problems heuristically, and that is critical in a workplace, higher education, and in our everyday communication."