Gabe Green


Bachelor of Arts in Written Communication 2014

Current title: Graduate student at Penn State with a focus of Rhetoric and Composition with a dual title of African American Studies

"For me, the benefits of written communication lies, ironically, in the work done outside of the page. That’s something that I didn’t quite understand before taking encountering the program at Eastern. I had virtually no understanding of rhetoric or how rhetoric is used in our everyday lives. The Written Communication program provided me with a broader consciousness of how to interpret and engage the world around me. I also learned that writing is not merely an isolated practice done by one individual; it is a process of building community and making connections towards a desired end. Additionally, I owe a great deal of gratitude to the faculty for the exemplary levels of support and mentorship they provided me with during my time there. Every bit of help they provided as been instrumental in my growth as a scholar, including professional development and publication. I would recommend this program to anyone."