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Alumni Event at Fish Lake

Over the summer 2017, the ENVI Program hosted an alumni/student networking event at Fish Lake. Coordinated by intern Trevor Baker and Dr. Grman, participants had a tour of Fish Lake, lunch, and maintained trails on the property. With a wonderful meal and a well organized trail maintenance plan, students, alumni, and faculty enjoyed their day working together and getting to know one another. We hope to continue this event for years to come. 

Contact Dr. Grman ([email protected]) about the 2018 ENVI Program Internship that will include preparations for this alumni event!

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A photo from the event at Fish Lake.

Environmental Science and Society Honors Award Graduation Ceremony 2017

This year we honored our largest batch of graduates yet, along with our Barton scholarship winners and teacher nominated award winners. We are very proud of our graduates, many of them receiving high academic performance awards. The event was hosted at the Ypsilanti Freighthouse and catered by the Ypsilanti Food Co-op that provided us with local, vegan options.

A photo from the Environmental Science and Society Honors Award Graduation Ceremony 2017.

March for Science

ENVI students showed support for facts and science in Ann Arbor. Student staff partnered with the CSIE program for a poster making event before the march and carpooling to the march. 

A photo from the March for Science.

Undergraduate Research Symposium 2017

  • Clarissa Crist, Building Geographic Distribution Models of Five Plant Genera on Madagascar. Faculty mentors: Margaret Hanes and William Welsh.
  • Jorrie Davis and Megan Wurtz, Analyzing Welfare of Captive Red Crossbills (Loxia curvirostra) in Different Environments. Faculty mentor: Jamie Cornelius.
  • Jennifer Harper, Pinpointing and Mapping Areas for Wetland Restoration in the Western Lake Erie Basin: A GIS Approach. Faculty mentor: Xining Yang. Jennifer Harper, Pinpointing and Mapping Areas for Wetland Restoration in the Western Lake Erie Basin: A GIS Approach. Faculty mentor: Xining Yang.
  • Robert Keast, Mutualism between Prairie Grasses and Soil Fungi Not Limited by High Phosphorus. Faculty mentor: Emily Grman.
  • Kelsey Mitchell, Role of Local Adaptation in the Unique Reproduction Mode of Unisexual Ambystoma Salamanders. Faculty mentor: Katherine Greenwald.
  • Nayeli Sanchez, Effects of Submergence Depths on Swimming Capacity of Sea Lampreys. Faculty mentor: Ulrich Reinhardt.
  • Adrienne Wayne, No Evidence that Garlic Mustard Inhibits Native Plant Growth in Prairie Restorations. Faculty mentor: Emily Grman.
  • Olivia De Croix, Amber Resseguie and Brandon Bartell, Ceramic Platters. Faculty mentors: Diana Pancioli and Beth Odgen.

Not pictured: Jacob Kowalczyk, Joseph Proietti and Richard Wagner, Environmental Variables and Their Effect on Cyanobacteria Populations in 13 Stratified Lakes. Faculty mentors: Jose Vites and Steven Francoeur.

Abstract: Global climate change caused by anthropogenic activity is creating conditions that promote the formation of harmful algal blooms by cyanobacteria in many freshwater lakes. The purpose of this study is to quantify the amounts of cyanobacteria in 13 stratified lakes throughout the Huron River Watershed, investigating their correlation to environmental factors (e.g. pH, dissolved oxygen, nutrient concentrations, etc.). Lakes were sampled one to two times a month from May-October, 2016. Results showed correlations between urbanization and increased cyanobacteria. This study increases understanding of what environmental conditions promote and/or limit cyanobacterial growth in temperate lakes.

GREEN Week 2017

  • Meatless Monday (3/20)
  • GREEN Hygiene Tuesday (3/21)
  • Water Wednesday (3/22)
  • Energy & Politics Thursday (3/23)
  • Food Justice Friday (3/24)
  • Bee GREEN Saturday (3/25)


Past Events

Press Releases

Lillian Richards, of West Bloomfield, earns a Presidential Scholarship at Eastern Michigan University; will degree in environmental science

Leah Vanlandingham, of Taylor, earns a Presidential Scholarship at Eastern Michigan University; will pursue a degree in environmental science

Professor Jill Dieterle
 Professor Jill Dieterle
Professor Jill Dieterle

 Professor Jill Dieterle

"Just Food: Philosophy. Justice and Food", edited by ENVI Faculty Affiliate and Philosophy Professor Jill Dieterle was recently published by Rowman and Littlefield. The book presents 12 new philosophical essays, including one authored by Jill Dieterle, that explores the causes and consequences of the inequities of our contemporary food system. The book looks at how food insecurity tracks other social injustices, covering topics such as race, gender and property, as well as food sovereignty, food deserts, and locavorism. The essays in this volume make an important and timely contribution to the wider philosophical debate around food distribution and justice.

Book Information


General Overview of ENVI (Part 1-4)- 2014

Video: ENVI Info Session, Part 1

Part 1 "General Overview of ENVI": Introduces Dr. Kovacs, the program coordinator, and describes the different concentrations/emphasis' students can focus on using the example of a dying pond with loss of aquatic species due to contamination issues from runoff and how each student can use their skills to resolve environmental issues with the pond.

Part 2 "Jobs/Graduate School": Shows the different occupations possible with a degree in Environmental Science, Environment & Society, or Sustainability. Also includes different programs complementary to a degree in ENVI for Graduate School.

Part 3 "ENVI Major Concentrations": Goes further into the program requirements--basic courses, internships, and research projects.

Part 4 "Sustainability Minor": Further describes the new Sustainability Minor--what the required courses are and the four different groups to choose from within the minor. Also includes Q&A period after session.

Information on Internships - 2015

Dr. Thomas Kovacs discusses the internship requirements for ENVI. He demonstrates resources offered on the website the students can use and discussed the Internship Application and Supervisor Evaluation Form.

Internship Videos and Blogs

ENVI Student Blog

ENVI 405 student, Mary Griffiths, has started a blog to document her journey as an intern this summer with the Clinton River Watershed Council. She posts weekly about her internship experience, job tasks, and people that she meets. To follow Mary's story this summer check out her blog.

Jake Bonello
 Jake Bonello
Jake Bonello

 Jake Bonello

Jake Bonello Internship Experience

Environmental Science (ENVI) student at Eastern Michigan University: Jake's internship experience with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service tracking invasive species and converting an area into a wetland.

Amanda Campbell
 Amanda Campbell
Amanda Campbell

 Amanda Campbell

Clinton River Watershed Internship - 2014

An ENVI student focusing on Environment & Society, shares her experiences with her internship at the Clinton River Watershed Council. She shares how her experiences helped shape her as a student and prepare her for life after graduation.

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