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Sustainability is the harmony of humans and nature working together in the current generation to maintain a healthy economy, environment, and society for future generations. The goal of the contest is to make the Eastern Michigan University a more sustainable university.

Projects for the contest are to be located on Eastern Michigan University’s campuses that includes EMU Main Campus, the College of Business, and satellite campuses. This contest is for students who are registered for the 2015 Winter Semester (There is no credit hour requirement). Groups are limited to between two and six students.

There will be three winners. Applications are due February 16 11:59 EST 2015, electronically through the envi Website Sustainability Contest Page. When submitting the application you must save it as a PDF and upload the written portion with the application. The application must be complete and meet the application deadline to be considered for the contest, LBC Credit, and the free t-shirt.. T-shirts are based on a first come first serve basis until the last day of class in the winter semester.

Application Guidelines

On the application form please fill out the project name, primary proposal leader contact information, team member’s names and emails, location of project, organizations that need/will be involved in approval or implementation of project, and budget items for the project (have an estimate based on quotes from vendors). The maximum budget for the project is $1,000. The following set of questions should be typed separately in 1.5 line spacing, 11 or 12 point font, with 1” margins. A three page limit on the typed part of the application must answer the questions provided on the application which include: a description of the project, statement of your implementation method or timeline for the project, the longevity of the project including who will take care of the project after it is created, how you can measure the effectiveness or impact of the project, and a description of how materials in the budget will be used.

In addition to the typed responses, projects will need approvals from different Key Individuals. Any project pertaining to a building improvement or within the building needs a letters of approval from the Building Administrator. To find the proper one look through the Building Administrator List [PDF]. Any projects involving grounds, recycling, or building improvements need to get preliminary approval from Chris Grant in Physical Plant at cgrant@emich.edu. In the email to these individuals, write a brief summary of the project including any services and location of the project.

Note: If you plan on publishing your research where you involve human or animal subjects in your measurement of the project’s impact. An example, is if you use a survey to measure the impact of your proposal to observe improved awareness by added signage, then you would need to have a human subjects form filled out. The group will need to submit a form for either human subjects or animal subjects. Those not involving human subjects or animals do not need to go through this part of the process.

Judging and Awarded Prizes

There will be three judges for the Sustainability Contest and contact with them regarding the contest is prohibited. Judges will be scoring the different proposals. They will be looking at the Strength of Proposal and the Potential for a Successful Project equally weighted at 50%. Failure to adhere to the guidelines will result in proposals being returned without further review.

Contest winners will be announced on March 6th 2015. If your project is awarded funding, members of the group shall commence project construction or implementation immediately. During the construction or the revealing of the project, envi Staff and other individuals will be there to observe the project. Individuals need to complete the project by April 20th 2015. Each individual completing an accepted project will earn an LBC experience in Group 2. Groups shall receive $500, divided equally among group members once the proposal project is completed to the satisfaction of the envi program coordinator, Professor Tom Kovacs.