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Sustainability Contest

Sustainability is the harmony of humans and nature working together in the current generation to maintain a healthy economy, environment, and society for future generations. 

The mission of the Interdisciplinary Environmental Science and Society (envi) program is to educate an interdisciplinary group of scholars and practitioners in the interactions between humans and the environment and educate and engage communities within and beyond the classroom in the development of a sustainable society. In response to this mission the envi program developed the EMU sustainability contest. The goal of the contest is to make Eastern Michigan University a more sustainable university. 

Student groups limited to between two and six students can participate in the contest by submitting a proposal to make the campus more sustainable. The top three proposals will be provided a budget of up to $1,000 to compete their project by the end of the Winter semester. Applicants are expected to read and follow the guidelines and complete the application form. Each member of the group will receive LBC Credit for submitting a completed application to the Interdisciplinary Environmental Science and Society office. Those students are also eligible to come to the envi office to pick up a free envi t-shirt on a first-come-first-served basis until the last day of class in the winter semester.

Winners will have until April 20, 2015 to complete their project. The three winning groups will receive $500 equally divided among group members once the proposed project is completed to the satisfaction of the envi program coordinator, Prof. Tom Kovacs.

Sustainability Contest Guidelines

Sustainability Contest Application

Note: The Primary Contact is the individual who should be submitting the application with names and email addresses of all other members of the group, involved in the project. 

Need Some Help Coming Up with Ideas

Winning Proposals

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Why Care About Sustainability

Our country uses a lot of resources, consumes products that are not easily disposed, and wastes much of what is produced. These resources, may take millions of year to recover, if at all. These behaviors are not sustainable and future generations will not have access to a healthy economy, environment, and society if these behaviors continue. Sustainability encourages and results in the reduction of wasted material and improves the natural environment. The Earth has many natural processes that help get rid of waste or toxins. Instead of inventing new unsustainable technologies to get rid of waste, simply mimicking or using nature to solve these problems is often more sustainable. Organic or sustainable farming, supporting biodiversity and reducing waste helps maintain the quality of our environment and resistance to natural droughts, insects, disease, etc. As a society, we should watch the eco-footprint that we leave. The eco-footprint is the calculation based on your habits how many worlds it would take if everyone adapted your lifestyle. 

To calculate your eco-foot print