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Equality Research

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The Equality Research Center seeks to advance social justice for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer people by expanding public knowledge of LGBTQ+ experiences, stories, and voices. We are a source of information for advocates, policy makers, and educators. We provide education for professionals, practitioners and providers. We create public awareness of LGBTQ+ issues and needs in the communities in which we all live, work, learn, and love.

What We Do

The Equality Research Center offers extensive public programming to bring credible research on LGBTQ+ social justice issues to a wide spectrum of audiences. These include lectures, seminars, workshops, and conferences. We provide research stimulus mini-grants to academic researchers to generate contemporary understandings of the impacts of LGBTQ+ inclusion and exclusion on social equality and human rights. We initiate innovative action research projects to respond directly to community needs. We accelerate the movement of research from the academic sphere to public conversation through research reports, reviews, and fact sheets. We are developing new tools to facilitate broad, online public access to information, research, and resources to help all of us become engaged in creating inclusive communities.

Our Mission and Vision

The mission of the Equality Research Center is to promote, support, and disseminate research focused on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer equality and human rights. The Center is dedicated to the advancement of equality by connecting academic, evidence based research to community action, public policy, and curricular innovation. We believe that knowledge is central to confronting homophobia and heterosexism. We are committed to amplifying LGBTQ+ voices, stories, and experiences. We envision communities in which people of diverse identities are heard and can participate equally in all dimensions of social living.