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Equality Research


The Path to social justice begins with knowledge


Research about LGBTQ equality issues is central to our mission. We work to stimulate new research and disseminate academic research to public audiences. By accelerating the process of connecting research with advocates, activists, policy makers, and practitioners, credible information can move more quickly into public conversation. Our projects and programming seek to INFORM public policy, EDUCATE public audiences about issues, and create AWARENESS of the benefits of inclusion and the harms of exclusion. Academic research, once available and accessible to all, amplifies the voices, stories, and experiences of LGBTQ people and their communities.

Equality Research Center initiatives include:

The Equality Knowledge Project - a research stimulus project including mini-grants, speaker series, and published research reports

The Equality Leadership Series - a program of forums, roundtables, dialogues, and workshops bringing academics, advocates, and practitioners in conversation with one another

The Equality Resource Network - a project that will provide a meeting place for the exchange of information, experience, and new research (slated to debut in 2016)

Equality Facts - an upcoming series of information fact sheets about the most pressing equality issues facing schools and communities. Based on the most recent peer-reviewed, academic research, these fact sheets translate the work of scholars into the information you need to transform your communities.