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Equality Research

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The Equality Knowledge Project is a research stimulus program intended to accelerate the production of credible research on LGBT equality issues. The project is part of the Center's commitment to public information, awareness and education.

The project is composed of three elements:

1. Research Incentives – the Center provides mini-grants to support academic research consistent with its mission and research priorities. Faculty, academic staff, and Ph.D. students are encouraged to submit applications;

2. Speaker Series – completed research is presented in on campus lectures at Eastern Michigan University;

3. Research Reports – Reports, or White Papers, of completed research projects are cataloged in the Center's Equality Research Reports

2016–2018 Equality Knowledge Project Award Recipients

Transgender Inclusion and Exclusion in Indian Society: A Qualitative Empirical Study, Garima Tiwari, University of Camerino, Italy

Understanding LGBTQ Muslims’ Conflicts and Health Challenges, Chana Etengoff, Barnard College-Columbia University

Beyond Resilience: Survival Strategies and Resistance of LGBTQ Youth, Ellen Scott and CJ Pascoe, University of Oregon and Miriam Abelson and Ben Anderson-Nathe, Portland State University

Sex and Death with Dignity: Toward Best Practice Protocol for Palliative Care Clinicians Working with LGBT Patients in Hospice Settings, Jeanne Marie Kusina, University of Toledo

The Effects of Sexual Orientation and Race on Mental Health Among Black and White Adult Populations, Elbert Almazan, Central Michigan University

LGBT Human Rights and the US Government Abroad, Cynthia Burack, Ohio State University

Sponsored Research

Through the Equality Knowledge Project, The Equality Research Center has awarded research support to:

2015–2016 Researchers

Landon Schnabel, Indiana University - "Americans' Views on Refusal of Service to Same-Sex Couples and Interracial Couples

Elizabeth Coston, Stonybrook University - "LGBT Rights and their Impact on Anti-LGB Violence

Logan Casey, University of Michigan - "Disgust and the Dynamics of LGBT Politics"

Courtney Caviness, University of California-Davis - "Organizational Inequality and Policing of LGBTQ Sexual and Gender Identities Post-Don't Ask Don't Tell"

Brandon Robinson, University of Texas-Austin - "OUTcasts: LGBTQ Homeless Youth Surviving in the South"

Bethany Coston, Albion College - "Invisible Violence, Invisible Victims: The Health Related Consequences of Same-Sex and Intimate LGBT Partner Violence"

2014–2015 Researchers

Michelle Kelsey-Kearl and Guiliana Sorce, Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne, "LGBTQ Coalition Building: A Case Study in Queer Community Making"

Beverly Mihalko, Eastern Michigan University, "Closing the Gap in Culturally Competent Care for LGBT Older Adults: Current Practice in Michigan Long Term Care Facilities"

Erich Pitcher, Michigan State University, "Re-conceptualizing Gender Equity in the Academy: Trans* Academics Experiences"

Nick Romerhausen and Nina Brennan, Eastern Michigan University, "Advancing the LGBT Community in Northwest Michigan"

Nicole Richards, Eastern Michigan University, "Gender Roles, Homophobia, and 'The Closet'" Student Research

2013–2014 Researchers

John Palladino, Eastern Michigan University and Mark Giesler, Saginaw Valley State University: "In or Out when Out and About: Identifying the Professional Support Needs of LGBT Preservice Social Workers and Teachers"

Natalie Dove, Eastern Michigan University and Randal Brown, University of Nevada – Reno: "Promoting Equal Rates of STI Testing for LGBT Individuals"

Jon M. Wargo, Michigan State University: "Elastic Literacies: Mapping Queer Identities and the Social Fault Lines of (In)Equality in Educative Spaces"

Stephen L. Rassi, Eastern Michigan University: "Understanding Practice Issues with Transgender People: Listening to Practitioner and Client Voices"

Stefanie Arrieta, Eastern Michigan University Undergraduate Student: "Educators' Perceptions of Why Youth with Emotional Impairments Engage in Same-Sex Behaviors"

Silvana Alfaro-Bordon, Eastern Michigan University Undergraduate Student: "Effect of EPIC Panel Presentations on the Attitude of EMU Students toward LGBT Individuals"

2011–2012 Researchers

John Palladino, Eastern Michigan University: "When Safe Space Isn't So Safe: LGBT Victimization in the K-12 Classroom"

Elizabeth Currans, Eastern Michigan University: "Lesbian Public Protests and Resistance" book chapters for "Engendering Publics: Women's Demonstrations in the 21st Century U.S."

MaryAnn Watson, Eastern Michigan University: "Historical and Contemporary Representations of LGBT Persons on Television"