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Professional Development Workshop

Learn, Play, Be: Safer Schools/Inclusive Learning

Based on research conducted by the Equality Research Center, Learn, Play, Be provides dynamic and interactive education to improve the climate of schools and classrooms for all students. The real experiences of students, teachers, and staff provide the starting point for understanding, and responding to, the experiences of students who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and/or Transgender.

This professional development workshop will raise questions, give you a chance to reflect, and most importantly, give you concrete strategies for helping learners of all identities to learn, play, and be.

Contact the Center at 734.487.3032 to book this 1.5 hour workshop for your school or class now.

Advocacy Research Needs Assessment

In November 2013, the Center began a survey of Michigan LGBT advocacy and support organizations. The survey identifies and prioritizes critical research needs for equality advocacy in Michigan. The results of this study will help guide the initial "Equality Search" database content development and will offer needs-based direction to LGBT scholars in their research agendas. Results of this study suggest primary areas of need for future and additional research include HIV/AIDS education, Transgender Inclusion, Marriage and Family outcomes, and K-12 inclusion and safe environments.

'Safe Schools Project: LGBTQ' Awarded LGBTRC's 2013 'Trailblazer Award

The Equality Research Center's "Safe Schools Project: LGBTQ" was awarded the EMU LGBT Resource Center's 2013 "Trailblazer Award," the latest in a series of positive advancements for the project. This award comes on the heels of an effort to extend reach and longevity of the already-successful program. The project, supported by a grant from the HOPE Fund of the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, was based on ethnographic research with teachers, staff, and students in Washtenaw County.


"The Safe Schools Project" was a professional development workshop created for educators and administrators to help middle/high school personnel create safer schools for LGBT students. The workshop included: an educational theatre performance based on real interviews with local youth and educators highlighting the challenges facing current LGBT students, and a follow-up discussion/action workshop.