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Equality Research

Knowledge Project Research Reports



Coston, B. (2016). Breaking the Silence: Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Experiences of Intimate Partner Violence and Health-Related Effects

Coston, L. (2016). LGBT Rights and their Impact on Anti-LGB Hate Crimes

Casey, L. (2016).  Disgust and the Dynamics of LGBT Politics

Robinson, B. (2016).  Beyond Family Rejection: Gender, Sexuality, and Family Instability in the Lives of LGBTQ Homeless Youth

Mihalko, B. (2015). Assessment of Culturally Competent Care for LGBT Older Adults: Current Practice in Michigan Long-term Care Facilities




Pitcher, E. (2015) "There's stuff that comes with being and unexpected guest:" Voices and experiences of Trans* Academics."

Kelsey Kearl, M. and Sorce, G. (2015) "LGBTQ Coalition Building: Finding an Identity, Sharing Resources, and Improving Lives in the Community"

Romerhausen, N. and Brennan, N. (2014) "Advancing the LGBT Community in Northwest Michigan: Strategic Planning for the Region’s First Pride Celebration"




Dove, N. and Brown, R. (2014) Promoting Equal Rates of STI- Testing for LGB Individuals.

Palladino, J. and Giesler, M. (2014) In or Out when Out and About?: Identifying the Professional Support Needs of LGBT Preservice Social Work & Education Majors.

Wargo, J. (2014). Elastic Literacies: Mapping Queer Identities and the Social Fault lines of (In)Equality in Educative Spaces.

Student Research:

Alfaro-Bordon, S. (2014) Epic Exposure: Encountering LGBT Communities on Campus.

Arrieta, S. (2014). Special Education Teachers' Perceptions of Students with Emotional Impairments and their Same-Sex Behaviors: A Multiple-Case Study.