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English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language

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CEA Accredited

English proficiency ensures international students have the opportunity to succeed in EMU classes, the ability to obtain personal living services on campus and in the community and the ability to engage in social and cultural events that promote overall well-being.

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The ESL Program does not require an English Proficiency Test Score (IELTS, TOEFL, MELAB, PTE, etc.) for admission.

For more information on degree program admissions, please visit the International Admissions site.

For additional information on government regulations regarding English proficiency, please visit the Study in the States site.

Student Testimonials

Mohammed Alqahtani, Saudi Arabia

"When I came at the beginning, I was not able to build my sentences correctly. However, I believe that the ESL Program at EMU has provided a lot to help me to improve my English language and prepared me to be more successful in my classes." Visit Mohammed's ESL success story.

Dian Arika, Indonesia

"The tutors at the ISRC in the ESL Program helped me to improve my English skills such as reading, speaking, writing as well as pronunciation. They also helped me to adopt the American culture and teach me how to live in America. This program also helped me to overcome the culture shock and my homesickness." Visit Dian's ESL success story.

Tariq Mosawi, Saudi Arabia

"The ESL Program is one of the best programs in Michigan. The program will help you to become successful. In order to become successful, you have to work hard. Never be afraid to ask questions." Visit Tariq's ESL success story.

Selamawit Berhe, Ethiopia

"I highly credit the ESL Program for my improved presentation and speaking skills. I have used the presentation skills I acquired from ESL classes in my degree program and have received positive reactions from my professors. The ESL Program is also where I met extraordinary students from different countries, learned about different cultures, made lifetime friends, and expanded my writing and speaking skills."

Gelareh Raoufi, Iran

"The professors in the ESL Program were willing to teach, guide, help, and show me all the techniques of learning the English language. The ESL Program also helped me to learn the American culture as well as other international cultures...The university is very welcoming to students from all kids of different backgrounds. EMU also has very friendly staff who are always happy to offer help where and when you need it." Visit Gelareh's success story.