It’s time to chase down your dreams with our Executive Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Venture Challenge. An eight-week hybrid program with only eight half-day Saturday meetings that offer business startup instruction by industry experts, business faculty, professional coaches, mentors and the chance for participants to present their startup ideas for one of the two awards ($25,000 and $5,000 business expense funds). Learn more here. Download a program flyer.


The application is open for this cohort but send email to [email protected] for any questions.

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The course finale includes a venture challenge where participants will compete for two awards. Two winning startups will receive $25,000 and $5,000 as business expense funds. 

Program Topics Include:

  • Customer Focused Idea to MVP
  • Customer Discovery and Competitors
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Business Formation and Legal Issues
  • Financial Modeling and Fundraising 
  • Pitch Coaching
  • Venture Challenge

How to Apply

Step 1.
Application Deadline: 09-09-24

Apply today for a chance to secure one of the 20 available spaces and one of the full or $1000 scholarships. (All participants will receive scholarships)

Step 2.
Acceptance date: 09-16-24

Applicants will be notified of the status of their applications for enrollment and scholarship. Applicants, accepted for enrollment, will receive a link for enrollment via email. 

Step 3.
Enrollment Deadline: 09-23-24

All accepted applicants must enroll by 09-23-24. All enrollee will pay $500 at the time of enrollment.  This amount will be refunded to all full scholarship recipients after completing the program (attending all in-person meetings and completing assignments). 

Who Should Attend?

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Aspiring entrepreneurs with a scalable business idea (not commercialized yet) with high growth potential.

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Entrepreneurs involved in developing a product or technology for a startup.

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Executives looking to grow their entrepreneurial mindset and implement new products.

Program Fees and Scholarships

Regular Fees: $1500
Most participants will receive a full ($1500) or partial ($1000) scholarship.
For all enrollees $500 will be due at the time of enrollment.
After successful completion of the program, full scholarship recipients will be refunded $500.

Submit Your Application Today!

Application Deadline: September 9, 2024

Contact Us

We are available by phone Wednesday and Thursday from 11 am- 4 pm. During other times, and for quick questions you can also reach us by the email listed below.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 734-487-9263

Chris image
“As an entrepreneur and EMU grad I understand the impact a program like this will have. I am looking forward to working with the participants and helping them develop their ideas. I am also very glad to be part of a team like EMU Center for Entrepreneurship that is committed to helping our community and Southeast Michigan.”

-Chris Kaufman, Co-Founder of StockX

"The EMU Executive Certificate in Entrepreneurship was exactly what I was missing in my business journey. It helped me to redefine and strategize around all aspects of my company and made me a better small business owner."

-Shelly Watts, Founder of Muirneen Equestrian, 5k winner of Fall 2022 cohort

Shnehal image
“This business training experience provided me with the knowledge and skills that I needed to move forward with my startup. EMU helped me connect with business mentors in the community. The didactics were excellent!"

-Snehal Patel, Founder of HeloGenika, Inaugural Participant

T.coke image
“Overall this program was exceptional and worth every minute. I valued both the structured lessons and the interaction with fellow participants. The feedback helped me, and my company, get better!"

-Thomas Coke, Founder of VaristyGems, Winter 2023 Participant