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Credit Courses

New Students
If you're not yet admitted to the University, you can enroll in online or off-campus courses during your first semester through Extended Programs: Register now (excludes main campus courses with campus codes M1, M5 or M7).

To continue as an undergraduate student, you'll have to apply to EMU through the Office of Admissions before enrolling in subsequent semesters. If you are seeking a master's degree, we would encourage you to apply to the Graduate School and your program during your first semester as an Extended Programs student. 

Past Students
If it has been more than two years since you last registered for classes at Eastern Michigan University, you must re-enroll before you can register for classes. Start the process.

Current Students
You are considered a current student if you have taken classes in the past two years. Register through

By registering for classes at EMU, you accept responsibility for reading and conforming to all policies, procedures, required dates, fees and other requirements listed on the Records and Registration site. For questions about credit course registration, call 734.487.0407.

Non-Credit/CEUs/SCECHs Courses

For conferences, workshops and other non-credit training opportunities, register here. For questions about non-credit registration, call 734.487.2259.