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Financial Aid and Scholarships

If you attend an approved program and meet eligibility requirements, you can take advantage of state, federal, EMU institutional and private financial aid. The entire cost of a program is considered in determining your financial need. If you're attending an EMU program, it will appear as regular EMU credit on your transcript.

In the case of third-party provider programs (such as CIEE), the credit will appear as transfer credit. If the third-party program is approved for credit in advance and the sponsor is an accredited Title IV institution, you may be eligible for state and federal financial aid. You'll need the program sponsor to fill out a consortium agreement, (a form provided by EMU's Office of Financial Aid) and return it, signed by an authorized individual, to the EMU Office of Financial Aid.

Faculty-led programs over Winter Break are part of Winter semester. You can apply financial aid and scholarships towards them as part of your regular semester credit load.

If you’re not a current EMU student, apply for financial aid at your home institution. We can provide cost breakdowns for your study abroad or financial aid advisor at your institution.

For more details on getting started with financial aid, see the study abroad financial planner.

EMU Scholarships and Awards

Regional, National and International Scholarships

There are many regional and national scholarships available. These are just a few. 

For more information, schedule an advising session online