The EMU Cognitive Coaching Initiative

The Cognitive Coaching Initiative is a collaboration between the Faculty Development Center and the Office of Campus and Community Writing. Our coaches have been trained and certified by the Thinking Collaborative

Cognitive Coaching Provides Strategies and Ways of Thinking that Support:
  • Reflection and decision making
  • Problem solvingThinking Collaborative logo
  • New learning
  • Change
  • Student achievement
  • Instructional efficacy

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EMU Cognitive Coaches and Contact Information
  • To schedule and appointment, click on the green button above. 
  • Scan through the list to find one of our cognitive coaches that you would be comfortable working with.
  • Contact them by email. 
  • Don't recognize anyone on the list? Please schedule your appointment with Peggy Liggit, Director of the Faculty Development Center ( or 734-487-2530).