Age-Friendly University

Workshop Date and Time

October 4, 9 a.m.–4 p.m., Room 300 Halle Library

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Age-Friendly University - Course Content Development Details

The 10 principles for creating an age-friendly course will be presented through creative activities and participants will learn the benefits of exposing students to aging content and intergenerational learning. This day-long workshop is particularly geared for instructors who are interested in expanding their current point of view regarding aging content and intergenerational learning in their courses. A $100 honorarium is provided to participants who implement workshop elements into their course(s).

Presenters: Dr. Andrea Zakrajsek and Dr. Cassandra Barragan

Seminar Outcomes

  • Explore ways aging content fits within their courses and curriculum.
  • Recognize the value and need to incorporate aging content in their courses and curriculum.
  • Learn strategies to engage students in learning aging content.
  • Create an assignment infusing aging content and/or intergenerational learning in one of their courses.


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