Bystander Effect: What To Do When Witnessing Uncomfortable Situations

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Tuesday, October 29, 2019 from 5-6 p.m. in room 300, Halle Library

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Workshop Details

This workshop will focus on identifying what a bystander is and discuss different options to intervene on behalf of others when they cannot or don't know what to do. We will discuss different types of scenarios that could make a person feel uncomfortable, feel fear and/or receive repetitive unwanted attention that may require bystander intervention. We will discuss how and what to report to Law Enforcement, Title IX Investigators or designated university personnel when circumstances require additional assistance, resource information or professional staff intervention.


Presenter Information

African American woman with big smile wearing red.
 Candace Dorsey
African American woman with big smile wearing red.

 Candace Dorsey

Candace Dorsey is the Empowerment Self-Defense Program Manager at the University of Michigan, Department of Public Safety and Security. Candace earned her Master’s degree in Master of Liberal Studies (MLS) - Individualized Studies program with a focus in Marketing, Management and Political Science (EMU, 2006). Candace also earned her Bachelors of Science degree (MS) focusing in Communications, Liberal Studies, Human Behavior, (EMU, 2004). Candace started her career at EMU as a Police Officer in 1993, a majority of her police career while at EMU was spent serving as the Crime Prevention Officer, focusing on safety workshops, training and presentations to the university community. Candace retired from EMU Department of Public Safety in 2017 after 24 years of service. As a Police Officer with EMU-DPS, Candace was a member of the Special Victims Unit (SVU), an active shooter instructor (ALICE) and was and is currently an Adjunct Lecturer teaching the women’s self-defense course, Rape Aggression Defense Systems (RAD), (PEGN 157) offered at EMU. Before coming to EMU, Candace’s law enforcement career began with the Detroit Police Department from 1986-1993. 

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