'Take It On' Tuesdays 2016

Register HERE today! 

Want to get a headstart on all those academic and personal projects on your 'to do' list? 

This May through August the Faculty Development Center will again offer - "Take It On" Tuesdays - Get Stuff Done !

This is for everyone - all instructors, administration, student success staff.

What is this? An opportunity to come to the FDC in room 109 Halle and get a little help or moral support to "take on" a project that you really want to accomplish this summer (or at least get a really good start on), such as:

  • Tenure / Promotion materials (DUE TBA) - do you really want to work on the documents once the semester starts?
  • Revise your course syllabus for the Fall
  • Prepare your email for the Google migration
  • Work on your new Canvas shell
  • Work on a literature review, writing project, or other scholarly works
  • Get tips on self-care, time-management, prioritizing, classroom management, conflict resolution, etc...

Starting Tuesday, May 17th and running every Tuesday until the end of August, the Faculty Development Center will host "Take it On" Tuesdays. Between 10:00-4:00 pm, we will provide snacks, expert help, tips, and moral support!