Regional Conference at Eastern Michigan University 

College ​faculty ​and ​administrators ​are ​invited ​to ​register ​for ​a ​regional ​“Reacting ​to ​the ​Past” ​Conference ​at ​Eastern ​Michigan ​University ​in ​Ypsilanti, ​MI, ​on ​March ​4-5, ​2016. ​ ​Conference ​participants ​will ​learn ​about ​the ​RTTP ​pedagogy ​by ​engaging ​in ​intensive ​two-day ​workshop ​of ​either ​Frederick ​Douglass, ​Slavery, ​Abolitionism, ​and ​the ​Constitution: ​1845, ​or ​Title ​IX ​and ​the ​American ​University. ​In ​addition, ​plenary ​sessions ​will ​provide ​an ​opportunity ​to ​discuss ​issues ​related ​to ​student ​engagement, ​teaching, ​and ​curricular ​applications.

A ​limited ​number ​of ​places ​are ​reserved ​for ​faculty ​and ​staff ​of ​EMU. ​

Information ​on ​lodging ​for ​conference ​participants ​will ​be ​posted ​as ​soon ​as ​it ​is ​available.

The online registration for is open now. Click Here to sign up! No fees for EMU folks.

The conference will end around 1pm Saturday, not 5PM. That will be fixed, and a schedule provided too. People from other schools have already registered.