General Education Assessment Leadership Program

What is expected of a General Education Assessment Leader?

  • Role Model - Completes their own assessment work:
    • Explain the link between their course(s) and the General Education Program.
    • Align their course outcomes with General Education Quantitative Reasoning (QR) Outcomes.
    • Create/revise class activities to guide students to meet the General Education QR Outcomes.
    • Evaluate student work within the accepted process for their General Education Area (e.g., Quantitative Reasoning is using a standard rubric).
    • Report findings within the accepted process for that General Education Area (e.g., Quantitative Reasoning will be filling out a Google Doc survey).
  • Assists other instructors who teach in the General Education area with completing their assessment work.
  • Collaborates with other Assessment Leaders:
    • Meets to discuss overall findings of student work and make suggestions for improvements.
    • Provides insights on how to improve the overall assessment efforts in their area
  • Is recognized as a Department and University resource for General Education Program assessment.

EMU Gen Ed Assessment Leaders have completed the General Education Assessment Leadership Training Program. Click on each year to view the EMU Gen Ed Assessment Leaders:

2016 Leaders      2017 Leaders       2018 Leaders