Social Emotional Learning Seminar - Summer I 2018

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Department Head Approval

Deadline to Apply: Friday, April 6, 2018

Eligibility and Availability

The seminar is open to all tenure-track/tenured faculty, full-time lecturers and any part-time lecturer who has taught at least two semesters at EMU. There are 10 seats available for this seminar. A $300 honorarium is awarded upon completion of all requirements of this seminar. See below for more details.


The group will meet at 10 a.m.–noon in the FDC on the following days.

  • May 4
  • May 18
  • June 1
  • June 15

Want to Learn Strategies to Better Engage Your Students?

This seminar is for any instructor or faculty who is interested in learning how to create an inclusive and engaged learning environment. After learning the six domains of Social and Emotional Learning, participants will learn strategies for how to use them while teaching. These six domains include:

  • Emotional management
  • Empathy
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Initiative
  • Problem solving

Take-aways from the seminar: At the end of the seminar, participants will have

  • Articulated an action plan for addressing an articulated instructional goal and a professional goal.
  • Eligibility to present and/or attend the Theory to Action Unconference that will be held at EMU on June 29, 2018.

Dr. Wendy Burke and the outstanding EMU Bright Futures facilitators will engage participants in developing their own social emotional learning capacity as a means for learning how to support others in developing their capacity.

Social Emotional Learning is gaining ground as a promising approach towards creating learning communities that promote prosocial relationships among students and the instructor in order to meet the instructional goals of any course. For more information about this research, check out the David P. Weikart Center’s publication on Preparing to Thrive and the work of the Wallace Foundation. This seminar is well aligned with EMU’s strategic goals to “Build a university culture in which respect, responsibility, pride and diversity are valued, encouraged, and celebrated as well as attending to empowering instructors/faculty to “provide students high quality learning experiences and instruction.” 

Is it time for you to attend to the engagement of your students? This seminar is definitely for YOU!!  Apply today!