Great lake conference of teaching and learning

Great Lakes Conference on Teaching and Learning

Announcing our 2016 Keynotes and  Call for Proposals

Greetings Esteemed Colleagues!
This year's conference will be held Monday evening, May 9th through Wednesday afternoon, May 11th in the Bovee University Center on the beautiful campus of Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

2016 Conference Theme:
Engaging All Learners in Today's "Classroom"
From at-risk to honors, both on-campus and online, and crossing many generations, our students grow more diverse each year. This year's conference focuses on identifying student needs and applying best practices related to teaching today's learners, including: teaching diverse learners, teaching in multiple formats, and teaching with a variety of technologies.

Call for Proposals:
Submit a Proposal The Conference invites proposals that will demonstrate how best to engage students in all the possible senses of what it means to be a learner today. Recognizing that faculty are, indeed, professional learners themselves, we invite proposals that address the following topics:

  • Applied Research on Understanding Today’s Learners
  • Using Technology to Engage Diverse Learners
  • Today’s Changing Classroom
  • Inclusive Course Design

2016 Keynote Speakers
haggan    Michael Haggans
    "What is the Classroom?"
    Visiting Professor,
    Center for 21st Century Universities,
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    Visiting Scholar, College of Design,
    University of Minnesota



hall   Leigh A. Hall

  "Doing the Impossible: Using Technology to Transform        Teaching and Learning"

Associate Professor, Literacy Studies,
University of North Carolina





  Troy Hicks
  "With Literacy and Learning for All"

  Teaching and Learning Consultant,
  Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning,
  Professor of English, Central Michigan University



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