Past Event Archive

Handouts and Links from Past FDC Events


  1. Connections Learning, Webinar: The Many Uses of Online Learning If you're interested in more Connections Learning webinars, check out their youtube channel.
  2. Embedding Universal Learning Design in the Classroom, Webinar: Low and No-Cost Strategies that work A word document with a link to a recording of the webinar, as well as to the handouts. This webinar will require registration to Innovative Educators.
  3. Copyright and Fair Use: Codes of Best Practice in Higher Education
  4. Brian Smith's webinar "And We're Live: What You Need to Know About Live Webcasting and Lecture Capture"


  1. PPT slides about FERPA
  2. FERPA at a glance Word doc
  3. Faculty Legal Issues: FERPA (PPT)

Handouts from Disability Resource center

  1. Syllabus Accessibility Statement
  2. Accommodating Disabilities (PPT)
  3. Short UD Summary
  4. Purpose of the DRC (for presentations)
  5. Faculty FAQ
  6. Student FAQ

Setting You and Your Students Up to Succeed

  1. Handout for First Day of Class Session
  2. How Can You Do Well in this Course?

Teaching and Learning at EMU

  1. The benefits of choosing a campus clicker standard (Must login or register to view)
  2. ICPSR At 50: Facilitating Research and Data Sharing
  3. Group Projects (PPT)
  4. Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education (PDF format)
  5. How to manage classroom incivilities
  6. Teacher Behaviors Inventory (word document)
  7. Lecture tools webinar
  8. Brown Bag Event Winter 2017

EMU Lectures on iTunes U

  1. View videos of past lectures/presentations at the FDC, at iTunes U: Faculty Development Center.