How to Use R for Statistics

The Faculty Development Center, in partnership with ORDA, was pleased to host a 2-part workshop series on using R for statistical analysis. These workshops are ideal for those who are interested in or curious about learning to use R. We encourage you to check out the recording from session 1 of the series!

Introduction to R: Part I

R is a very popular and open source statistical software for statistical computing, graphing and analysis. RStudio, an integrated development environment (IDE), makes working with R convenient and easy. Within RStudio, an R markdown is a file formatting software for producing html, word and pdf documents of completed analyses. This workshop provides a hands-on introduction to R. We start with the installation of R and RStudio software, and then work through a number of examples demonstrating how data can be entered into R, directly or from external resources, and perform basic statistical analysis via descriptive statistics and graphics.

Access the session recording here