Teaching Effectively in a Hy-Flex Classroom

hy-flex classroom


Since the pandemic began, Eastern Michigan University has invested much money in creating hy-flex classrooms, which enable instructors to seamlessly integrate students in the physical classroom with those who are remote.  Pedagogical technology, however, is only as effective as the people employing it.  The FDC and the Division of IT invited you to join us for this session with three instructors who have done exciting things with the hy-flex classroom, and shared their stories and offered attendees guidance on how they can maximize the possibilities available in this exciting setup.

Recording of November 14th Workshop

We are excited to offer EMU faculty and instructors the opportunity to learn more about effectively employing hy-flex technology into their classrooms. If you couldn't attend this event, here is the link to the video recording, with an audio transcipt. 

Zoom Recording of Hy-Flex Classroom Workshop

If you have any questions about this event, please email us at [email protected].