FDC Funding Opportunities


The eFellows program was established to support faculty and lecturers in obtaining the resources needed to successfully integrate technology that enhances student-focused instruction in courses and curriculum. The overall outcome of this program is to improve and enhance student learning and the scholarship of teaching through the integration of appropriate technology.

360-Degree Camera Interest Group

The 360-Degree Camera Interest Group has been formed as a result of an idea through eFellows. The 360-Degree Camera Interest Group will explore the uses and applications for integrating the 360-degree camera in teaching and learning.

The Liggit Family and Friends Teaching & Learning Partnership Scholarship

Each year a $1000 scholarship will be awarded to an instructor/student partnership (each to receive $500).

Applications will be reviewed by the Faculty Development Center Advisory Council with recommendations for scholarship winners given to the grant administrator. The Advisory Council will also recommend which stories will be posted on this website.

Faculty Development Center Program Proposals

Have a good idea for an FDC seminar, workshop, or event? Submit a Program Proposal!

FDC programs come from the grassroots: many seminars and workshops are inspired by faculty and lecturers and facilitated by faculty and lecturers. Programs sponsored by the FDC are also centered on the goals put forth in the University Strategic Plan.


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