Congratulations to Our Fall 2017, 2016, and 2015 Grant Recipients

The eFellows Committee would like to thank everyone who submitted applications during the last grant cycle. We commend you on your continued pursuit to use technology to enhance the teaching and learning of students at Eastern Michigan University.

The Fall 2017  eFellows Grant recipients are:

  • Jonathan Carter
    Proposal: "Putting Civic Advocacy into Practice: Exploring Podcasts, Oral Histories, and Local Networks as Political Action"
  • Brian Connolly and Christopher Gellasch
    Proposal: "Integrating Remote Environmental Sensing Into Active Science Learning"
  • Amy Johnson
    Proposal: "Next Generation Science Standards in the Classroom" 
  • Huei Lee
    Proposal: "Implementation of a Tutorial System for Social Media Analysis in a Cloud Computing Environment
  • Courtney Lewis and Aaron Struminger
    Proposal: "Athletic Training and Technology"
  • Michael McVey
    Proposal: "Batteries Not Included: Training Teach Candidates about Makerspace"

The Fall 2016  eFellows Grant recipients are:

  • Christine Mirtes, Karen Paciorek, Brigid Beaubien, and Martha Baiyee, College of Education
    Proposal: "Evidencing Connections between Curriculum, Technology, and Best Practice in Early Childhood Teacher Preparation using iPads"
  • Frank Fedel and Nate Kearns, College of Health and Human Services
    Proposal: "3D Anatomical Models - Virtual and Physical"
  • Jeff Popko and Thom Cullen, College of Arts and Sciences
    Proposal: "Building on the Success of the Kindle Fire Project"
  • Melanie Bond, Lee Stille, and Terry Heck-Siebert, College of Arts and Sciences
    Proposal: "Virtual Reality Set Design"
  • Nick Romerhausen, College of Arts and Sciences 
    Proposal: "Portable Projectors to Improve Student Outcomes in Competition Speaking"

The  Fall 2015  eFellows Grant recipients are:

  • Katherine Ryker, College of Arts & Sciences
    Proposal: “Augmented Reality Sandboxes: Hacking a Hand-On Experience”
  • Jeromy Hopgood, College of Arts & Sciences
    Proposal: “Interactive Media for Live Performance”
  • Ana Claudia Harten, College of Education
    Proposal: “Simulation-Based Education in the Speech-Language Pathology Program”
  • Linda Kinczkowski, College of Technology
    Proposal: “Interdisciplinary Media Lab”
  • Kyle Farr, College of Health & Human Services
    Proposal: “Implementation of Virtual Patient Case Studies in Advanced Practice Nursing Clinical Courses”
  • James Sweet, College of Health & Human Services
    Proposal: “Inter-Professional Healthcare Education Collaboration Using 3-D Printers”
  • Huei Lee, College of Business
    Proposal: “Enhancing the Learning of Secured Mobile Computing Applications and Infrastructure”
To view Fall 2014 Grant Recipients - Click HERE