New Faculty and Lecturers

*Important* make sure you complete all onboarding requirements from Human Resources

Getting Started as a new employee at EMU:

  • Your home department/college will help provide you with the following:
    • EID and NetID
    • Parking pass and campus parking map
    • Keys and building access information
    • Telephone instructions
    • Office setup and Computer (provided for faculty and full-time lecturers)
    • Protocol for contacting the Information Technology (IT) Technologist assigned to your building or program
    • Classroom needs
    • Research/lab/materials/equipment needs
    • Textbook ordering procedure
    • Travel and absence procedures
    • Photocopier procedures
    • Mailbox location and mail procedures
    • What to do in cases of extreme weather and emergencies
  • Get your  Eagle One Card  - this is your official University ID card.
  • eTraining Portal  - for accessing required EMU training, online courses, and Books 24x7.
  • My.Emich - for accessing EMU's self-service portal and Emich email.
  • Getting Help tab  - an overview of the My.Emich Self-Service Portal.

The New Semester - Resources for Instructional Effectiveness and Student Success:

Make an appointment with the Faculty Development Center (FDC) for an informational meeting

Learn and Share EMU Policies and Campus Resources with your students

First Month on the Job – Get to know EMU!

Test yourself with a website review. For example, start here, and locate:

  • Your department's home page
  • Organization chart for the University
  • Office of Records and Registration's Grade Schedule
  • Course Catalog
  • What is your course description and how does the course fit into your student's program of study?

Other training to be completed in the first term

  • Mandatory environment health and safety training (ask your Department/Program staff member for the scheduled trainings)
  • Mandatory Sexual Harassment online training
  • Optional professional development training from Human Resources
  • Optional Human Subjects, Research Ethics training from ORDA

Tour the Campus

One of the best ways to get to know the campus and our students is by joining an Admissions tour! Admissions loves to have faculty come along for daily tours and Explore Eastern. Ask a colleague to lunch and include a visit to a new spot on campus such as:

  • Dining Commons 
  • Eastern Eateries 
  • College of Business (hint - very near some Ypsi lunch spots!)
  • Meet Your Librarian
  • EMU Librarian Subject Specialists List Learn how to request materials for the collection
  • Get good ideas (and some no-nos) for introducing students to library use
  • Find out about access to University of Michigan Libraries and other collections
  • Learn some tips for using GoogleMail email, calendar, and Google Drive.
  • Academic Calendar (with holiday and break dates)
  • Exam Calendar
  • Music/Dance/Arts
  • Music and Dance Calendar
  • Theatre Calendar
  • Arts Calendar
  • Campus Life
  • Convocation Center
  • Athletics

Future Success - Tenure/Promotion/Advancement Information

Learn About Ypsilanti, Mich.