The FDC is available to assist and support faculty in their scholarly pursuits. Quantitative and qualitative research resources are available on site at the FDC through books, pamphlets, videos, consultations, faculty learning communities, and software.

FDC staff and associates are available to meet with faculty members to discuss research design, implementation methods, analysis, and draft publications.

This includes:

  • Research design of descriptive, correlational and experimental studies.
  • Design and evaluation assistance with internal and external proposal development in cooperation with the Office of Research Development.
  • Design and formatting of data gathering instruments, including surveys, observational forms, and interviews.
  • Management of data.
  • Quantitative and qualitative data analysis, interpretation and presentation of results, including presentation graphics.
  • Feedback on draft articles, texts, or presentations.

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Software Access

There are computers in the FDC that can be used by faculty for data collection and analysis. Software packages include SPSS 19, N-Vivo 9, and SNAP 10. The FDC also has a high speed .pdf / slide scanner that can be used for scanner-based data collection.

Training and consultation is available for SPSS 22 and SNAP 10. Student staff is available for assistance with the high speed .pdf / slide scanner. While we offer N-Vivo 9 access, we do not have staff at hand to train N-Vivo 9.