Research & Scholarly Resources

Educause Center for Analysis and Research

Educause Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR) offers research and analytical resources including the following:

  • Research reports
  • Member-submitted research
  • Case studies
  • Data tables
  • Maturity and deployment benchmarking indices
  • Infographics and interactive graphics
  • Slide decks and presentations
  • Survey instruments

Go to the Educause website.

FDC Library

The FDC Library houses a reference collection to support your research and scholarly activities. 

FDC Seminars and Workshops

Research Writer’s Collaborative: The Writers’ Collaborative is an opportunity for EMU faculty to meet with colleagues, support each other in developing realistic writing goals (i.e. development of a conference paper, draft of an article, revision of a book chapter, etc.), and gain helpful feedback to meet the expectations of our research agendas.

Internal Research Awards Writing Workshop: The FDC partners with EMU Research and the URSLA Committee to help give faculty more information on what awards are offered internally by the University. Faculty who attend these workshops also receive important feedback on how their proposals will be reviewed by a general academic audience.

[email protected]

There are a variety of opportunities for Faculty and staff to get involved with the EMU community. 

Office of Research Development and Administration (ORDA)

The Eastern Michigan University Office of Research Development and Administration (ORDA) serves and supports faculty and staff engaged in sponsored activities that promote basic and applied research, public service, teaching, learning, scholarship, and artistic expression.

Go to the ORDA website.

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