Syllabus and Assignment Design 


Syllabus Elements and Tips

The Faculty Development Center provides information on suggested syllabi elements and syllabus writing tips [PDF] .

Additionally, The  University Writing Center  provides suggested text to add to your syllabus  regarding resources they provide to students.


Writing Across the Curriculum

The Writing Across the Curriculum program at Eastern Michigan University strives to develop a cohesive writing experience for students throughout their academic experience at the university. The WAC program helps faculty use writing effectively in their classes, and it assists programs with integrating writing and taking a systematic approach to writing instruction throughout their curricula.

University Library - Textbook Alternatives

Many EMU students struggle to afford texts and may attempt courses without the text, risking lower grades or failure. Quality alternatives are increasingly available, including open access texts, library e-books, article links, or inexpensive books from scholarly & trade publishers. Search using the Textbook Alternatives Guide  or ask your Subject Librarian for help finding options.

University Library - Instructional Services

The Halle Library strives to develop users' skills in finding, evaluating and effectively using information through a variety of instructional services. In addition to the suite of services that they offer to students, librarians also offer opportunities for collaboration with faculty colleagues.