SMART Board™ is an electronic white board with touch recognition capability allowing you to write, erase and move objects with a touch of your finger.

From the SMART Board you can access the internet, navigate, make notations and save the image. You can even capture your work to SMART Notebook software as a screen shot that you can edit.

You can also save notes directly to file formats compatible with a variety of applications, including AutoCAD and Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word.

Below you will find a 3 step process to help you Prepare to Use SMART Board and a 3 step process to Get Started Using SMART Board. First, Prepare to Use SMART Board by installing the software on your laptop (step 1). You can then familiarize yourself with the basic SMART Board operations (step 2), and SMART Notebook software (step 3).

After you have finished preparing to use SMART Board you'll be ready to begin the last 3 steps, Get Started Using SMART Board. To get started you'll first need to connect the laptop to the SMART Board and the projector (step 1), orient the screen (step 2), and start practicing with the hands-on practice exercises (step 3).

Prepare to Use SMART Board

  1. Download, install and activate SMART Notebook V. 11. To operate SMART Board you will need a computer with SMART Notebook software installed. To install the software on your laptop, visit the SMART tech site.

    System Requirements:
    1 GHz PowerPC® G4 or G5 processors or Intel® processors (universal binary)
    512 MB of RAM
    250 MB of free hard disk space for minimum installation (1000 MB for full installation with Gallery collections)
    Mac OS X operating system software 10.4.11 or 10.5.4
    Adobe Flash player v10 or late

  2. Review basic SMART Board operations. The computer sends the image to the projector. The projector then casts the image onto the touch sensitive whiteboard. Now you can use your finger, or the tray tools, to do most of what you can do on the computer. The following resources will help you learn how to use the tools with any program on your computer including the internet and Microsoft products.
  3. Review basic SMART Notebook software. This software is designed to assist you in creating interactive and collaborative presentations. It allows you to draw or write on the whiteboard, attach documents and hyperlinks to presentations. learn to use shortcuts, add an unlimited number of pages to presentations, copy delete and re-order.

Get Started Using SMART Board

  1. Connecting your projector to your computer and SMART Board.
    Perform the following instructions in order.
    1. Make sure you can connect to the internet. If do not have a wireless connection, attach an internet cable to your computer.
    2. Connect the SMART Board USB cable to your computer
    3. Connect the projector to your computer.
    4. Turn on the projector first, and then turn on your computer. SMART Board draws its power from your computer and switches on automatically.
    5. Log on to your computer as required, using the keyboard to enter your login information. If your computer does not require you to log on, allow the computer to reach its default desktop screen.
  2. Orient your laptop screen to the SMART Board. This will align the computer with the working area on the SMART Board to ensure your touch is registered accurately. You may need to orient the SMART Board during initial setup, if the projector or whiteboard is moved, or if the board is connected to a different computer.
  3. Practice using SMART Board and SMART Notebook software. It is strongly suggested you practice using SMART Board before you use it in a live situation. The following document will provide you with a graphic demonstration of tasks, followed by Hands-on Practice to test your knowledge and hone your skills.