Student Intervention Team (SIT)

The Student Intervention Team (SIT) was formed to address reports of troubling (inappropriate, disruptive, or harmful) student behavior in order to recommend proactive and non-punitive approaches aimed at helping students achieve success. The Team represents a cross section of campus professionals who can address a broad range of student needs. The SIT serves as a central place to report behaviors of concern.

Disability Resource Center

Provides accommodations for students with disabilities, and assists faculty and staff with the implementation of those accommodations. In addition to accommodating students with disabilities DRC provides technical assistance, consultation and training to units across campus and organizations in the community regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, Disability Awareness, Inclusion, and Accessibility.


EMU Library Services to People With Disabilities


Student Conduct and Community Standards Office

The mission of Student Conduct and Community Standards Office is to create an effective living and learning environment by designing policies such as the Student Code of Conduct, providing a disciplinary process and conducting programs that foster ethical development, personal accountability and civility toward others.

Autism Collaborative Center

Students should be referred initially to the Disability Resource Center for diagnosis. The Autism Collaborative Center (ACC) is a good resource for faculty wanting to know how to work with autistic/Aspergers syndrome students in their classes.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Provides free individual and group counseling, and crisis intervention for students, consultation to faculty and staff, workshops and educational presentations, and training and supervision to master's and doctoral student counselors.

Office of the Ombudsman

At Eastern Michigan University, the ombudsman helps students resolve concerns, problems, or conflicts with regards to University policies, procedures, and decisions. The ombudsman provides for a confidential and neutral place for students to come to express their concerns. Students work with the ombudsman to identify steps that may be taken to achieve a timely and fair resolution to a problem.

Campus Life: Diversity and Community Involvement

The Department of Diversity and Community Involvement (DCI) offers opportunities for engagement, leadership and learning beyond the classroom. DCI comprises the Center for Multicultural Affairs (CMA), the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Resource Center (LGBTRC), the VISION Volunteer Center, and the Women's Resource Center.

EMU Cash Course for Students

The information here will help EMU students make informed financial decisions throughout their college years and into their professional lives.

EMU Bookstore sells new and used texts, and other items generally found in bookstores. It is located in the Student Center.

University Housing

University Housing provides convenient housing for EMU students, faculty and staff in support of the academic mission. University Housing welcomes EMU faculty members to join in programs to support residential student success and student development: share a meal, sponsor a study session, join a program - the possibilities are endless.


University Writing Center (UWC)

The Writing Center is a free resource for all EMU students. The Writing Center tutors will work with students on papers for their classes. You may send your students to UWC workshops or work with their staff to design workshops tailored to your class.

Academic Projects Center (APC)

The Academic Projects Center offers one-to-one writing, research, and technology assistance as a collaboration among the University Library, Academic Technology and Computing Services, the University Writing Center, and the Writing Across the Curriculum and First Year Writing Programs. Drop in only.

Holman Success Center

Holman Success Center supports students in the development of skills necessary for their effective performance and positive adjustment to the learning environment. Services include peer tutoring, Supplemental Instructors for certain classes, and the First Year Academic Support Program.

Math Lab

The Developmental Math and Math Placement Center offers support, testing and tutoring services, including class assignment assistance. Temporary office in King, but by the fall it should be on the fourth floor of Pray Harrold. Phone: 487-4474


International Student Resource Center

ISRC is a service of the World Languages Department for international EMU students who need help with their English language for academic assignments. Help is provided for reading and comprehension, listening and note-taking, improvement of grammatical accuracy, compositions, study skills, and conversation. Note, this is not the Office of International Students.

Office for International Students

The Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS) provides comprehensive support for our international community. Additional information can be found on the OISS website.

A Message from the President 1/30/2017