Plagiarism Resources



From the About Turnitin Training website: "Eastern Michigan University has subscribed to, a web-based originality checking service that compares submitted text against a database of millions of online documents as well as every paper turned into (including previously submitted EMU papers)."

FDC's Plagiarism page

This page provides information for defining plagiarism, understanding the difference between plagiarism and misuse of sources, and includes a note on working with international students.

University Library - Plagiarism (for Educators)

This guide provides information for understanding, discouraging, and detecting plagiarism.

University Library - Integrating Resources (for Students)

This resource is provided by the EMU Library for students. Faculty may choose to direct students to it or use it as the basis for class work or assignments.

Student Conduct and Community Standards Office

The Student Conduct and Community Standards Office provides a disciplinary process and conducts programs that foster ethical development, personal accountability, and civility toward others.