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Distinguished Achievement Recognition Awards

Purpose and Nature of the Awards

It is Eastern Michigan University’s mission to enrich lives in a supportive, intellectually dynamic and diverse community. We are an institution of opportunity where students learn in and beyond the classroom to benefit the local and global communities.

The Division of Academic and Student Affairs celebrates the recent significant contributions of university staff members that demonstrate commitment to EMU’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values.  In particular, the Division recognizes outstanding efforts through four Distinguished Achievement Recognition Awards in key areas that support and further student engagement and success, institutional effectiveness, and service.

  • Student Engagement and Success Award
  • Leadership Award
  • Innovation Award
  • Community Engagement and Service Award

General Instructions


Any EMU staff member is eligible for a Distinguished Achievement Recognition Award.


  • Nominations Open: Friday, January 24, 2020
  • Upload Nomination Materials Here (EagleSync)
  • Nominations Close:  Sunday, February 9, 2020
  • Selection Committee Meeting Period: February 10, 2020 – February 21, 2020
  • The Selection Committee will review the nominations and select finalists.
  • Voting Period: March 2, 2020 – March 9, 2030
  • Voting is open to all EMU employees.
  • Final Review:  Results of Voting Delivered to University Office by March 10, 2020.

Winners will be announced at the Distinguished Achievement Recognition Awards Ceremony, sponsored by the Division of Academic & Student Affairs.

Distinguished Achievement Recognition Awards


Purpose and Nature of the Award: The staff award for Student Engagement and Success is made to recognize efforts that foster an environment where students have opportunities for purposeful learning and involvement, maximizing their educational goals. The award focuses on one or more of the following:

  • Creating and expanding purposeful learning opportunities outside of the classroom;
  • Developing comprehensive and systematic approaches to improve services and processes that enhance student persistence; and
  • Preparing students to successfully and meaningfully interact with people from diverse backgrounds.

Nomination Guidelines: To be considered for the Student Engagement and Success Award, nominations cannot exceed 3,500 characters and must be received through EagleSync. Nominations should include a short description of recent activity illustrating the recent achievement of the employee or group of EMU employees and address the above criteria.

Distinguished Achievement Recognition Awards


Purpose and Nature of the Award: The staff Leadership Award recognizes individuals who foster an inclusive environment that provides opportunities for all members of the campus community to thrive by inspiring others. Central to this award is the idea that inspirational leaders influence without authority and put the interests of others before their own.  Characteristics for the leadership award include:

  • Commitment to fostering a diverse, ethical, safe, and respectful workplace with effective and transparent communications;
  • Passionate appreciation of their team; and
  • Clear vision of the future

Nomination Guidelines: Nominations for the Leadership Awards must be submitted through EagleSync and cannot exceed 3,500 characters.  Nominations should include a short description that demonstrates the employee’s or group of EMU employees’ recent leadership on a specific issue.  Please make sure you address all of the above criteria.

Distinguished Achievement Recognition Awards


Purpose and Nature of the Award: The staff Innovation Award recognizes the introduction of a new idea, method, procedure, process, service or system that improves institutional effectiveness where:

  • Innovation was a priority and where a reasonable and calculated risk was taken to implement the improvement;
  • Imaginative ideas were employed to drive the University forward; and
  • Constraints and limitations were considered, fostering novel approaches using existing resources.

Resulting improvements support the University’s commitment to improving processes and resource allocation, enhancing operational effectiveness and fiscal stewardship, or generating revenue/reducing costs

Nomination Guidelines: To nominate a staff member or group of EMU employees for outstanding innovation in achievement, submit the following (not to exceed 3,500 characters) through EagleSync.  Include a short description about the new idea, method, or procedure that improves institutional effectiveness. Recently implemented innovations should address all of the above criteria.

Distinguished Achievement Recognition Awards


Purpose and Nature of the Award: The staff Community Engagement and Service Award recognizes individuals for outstanding service that enhances EMU’s commitment to community engagement and partnerships that:

  • Create institutional infrastructure to leverage EMU’s resources and talent to serve the community;
  • Utilize EMU’s activities to engage the community, including the pursuit of mutual community goals and priorities; and
  • Provide lasting and meaningful contributions or impact, enhancing the   community’s knowledge and perception of EMU.

Nomination Guidelines: Please submit nominations to recognize individual staff members for outstanding service through EagleSync.  Nominations cannot exceed 3,500 characters.  Please describe recent activity that provides service to the community and advances the University’s mission based on the above criteria.


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