Eastern Michigan University

Halle Faculty Offices

The Faculty Senate controls the allocation of six faculty offices in Halle Library. The offices are meant to serve as places to study and conduct research with library materials. The Senate allocates the offices every semester, selecting from a pool of applicants. Senate resolution 20111019.2 stipulates the process by which these offices shall be allocated, including the criteria used in evaluating applications. If you are interested in having the use of one of these faculty offices, please submit to [email protected] a brief letter explaining why you should be granted use of one of these offices. In your letter address these criteria:

  • Need for proximity to library materials
  • Need for storage of books and equipment at the library
  • Do you currently share your regular office with another faculty member?
  • Use of library materials in research expected to yield publications
  • Use of library materials in developing course content
  • What days of the week would you need access to the office?

All applications should be received by 3PM of the first Wednesday of each semester. The Senate will notify the applicants within two weeks.

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