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Robert C. Byrd Scholarship

The Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship is a federally funded program administered by the State of Michigan, Office of Scholarships and Grants (OSG). It was established to promote student excellence and achievement and to recognize exceptional students who show promise of continued excellence.

This merit-based program provides approximately 230 awards per year for up to four years to graduating high school students who have achieved academic excellence. The financial resources of the family are not a criterion for determining eligibility. The federal law requires that awards be geographically distributed. Information can be downloaded in this fact sheet.

Application Process

Each spring, high school principals nominate one outstanding graduating senior based upon high school academic achievement and the Michigan Merit Exam (MME) score. The principal will use a mathematical formula to combine the grade point average and the MME score. If more than one student ties for the highest score, the principal may nominate each of those students.

Nominations can come from Michigan public and private school principals as well as from non-Michigan principals who have a Michigan resident attending their high school.

Beginning with the class of 2009 home schooled students are eligible for the scholarship. Letters are then sent to the selected students. Not all nominated students are selected.

Selected students must return a certification form indicating where they will attend college. Students are responsible for notifying the OSG of a change in their college choice

How much will I receive?

The maximum award for the year is $1500.

What do I need to do to keep my award?
  • Enroll full time at an approved Michigan postsecondary or out-of-state institution that participates in Federal Title IV student aid programs.
  • Possess a high school diploma or GED certificate.
  • Be a Michigan resident.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
  • For renewal, meet institution's satisfactory academic progress (SAP) policy.
  • Be registered with the Selective Service, if applicable.