Freshmen Scholarships

While you may be eligible for more than one of the following scholarships, you can only receive one academic scholarship. Scholarships cover fall and winter semesters only (not summer). To learn about scholarship criteria for incoming first year students, visit our First Year Scholarship Opportunities page

Presidential Scholarship

Students must apply for the Presidential Scholarship to be considered. The top 21 students in the PSC receive a full-ride scholarship for a maximum of four years or 120 credits if they meet the renewal criteria. To keep this scholarship, you must enroll in 15 credits each semester, maintain a 3.5 GPA, meet SAP,* and live in EMU's residence halls all four years.

4WARD Graduation Scholarship

Available to incoming first-year students admitted Fall 2019 or later.

The 4WARD Graduation Scholarship offers a four-year graduation commitment. When you successfully complete 2 years at Eastern Michigan University, we will fund your full tuition for your remaining two years. To initially qualify, you need to have a minimum 3.0 high school GPA.

You pay for your first two consecutive years of tuition at a locked-in tuition rate of approximately $13,950 per year (30 credits). Then EMU will pay for 100% of your next two consecutive years of tuition (30 credits a year).

You’ll live in an on-campus community for each of the four years at a locked-in room & board rate of approximately $11,174 a year, which includes a standard double room and a standard meal plan.  To remain eligible, students must enroll in 30 credits per academic year, maintain a 2.0 EMU GPA, and meet SAP.* The benefits of the 4WARD scholarship are not extended into the summer semester.

Emerald Scholarship

This scholarship is based on GPA and U.S. citizenship. The amount varies and is renewable for four consecutive years if you meet the following criteria of enrolling in 12 hours each semester, maintaining a 2.75 EMU GPA, and meeting SAP.* 

Education First Opportunity Scholarship (EFOS)

For the 2022-2023 school year, this scholarship awards you $14,910 (Tuition minus Pell Grant = EFOS) for four years if you meet renewal criteria. To initially qualify, you need to have a minimum 3.0 high school GPA. Incoming first-year students admitted by February 1st who demonstrated Pell Grant eligibility are considered for this award.

To renew, students must enroll full time, maintain a 2.75 EMU GPA and meet SAP.* You also must file your FAFSA each year by April 1st and remain Pell Grant eligible. Specific details, including enrollment requirements, are provided in a welcome letter sent to all recipients prior to their first semester at EMU.

Effective Fall 2021, the EFOS will cover the block tuition rate only. 

Residence Hall Award

Residence Hall Awards** apply to traditional residence halls only. Brown/Munson, Cornell, Westview, and 601 West Forest are not traditional residence halls and are not eligible to use this funding.

The Residence Hall Award also requires that you enroll in at least 12 credit hours each semester (fall and winter only) to receive your scholarship.

National Scholars Program (NSP)

Awarded to students admitted prior to Fall 2018.

The NSP is a tuition scholarship that paid the difference between resident and non-resident tuition for four years (maximum 120 credit hours) if you met renewal criteria. Effective Fall 2021, the NSP is no longer needed as all undergraduate students are billed at the in-state block tuition rate.

*SAP = Satisfactory Academic Progress: Requires you to earn passing grades in a minimum of 67% of the credit hours you take. Grades of F, W, I, N, NC or repeated classes are not "earned."

**If renewable, Residence Hall Awards require that students meet the renewal criteria (including minimum 2.75 GPA and SAP) for their university scholarship. Log into to view scholarship requirements.

Are you a current or returning student looking for scholarship information? Go to our main scholarships page to find our scholarship database and listing of departmental scholarships.  

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