Transfer Scholarships

While you may be eligible for more than one of the following scholarships, you can only receive one academic scholarship. Scholarships are available to incoming transfer students admitted by August 1 (fall enrollment) and November 1 (winter enrollment).

Merit-based, transfer scholarships are competitive and require a minimum of a 3.0 GPA and 30 transferable credits from a regionally accredited institution at time of application. Scholarships cover fall and winter semesters only (not summer).

  • Regents Scholarships 

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    This scholarship awards $3,000 and the renewal criteria requires you to enroll in 12 credits each semester, maintain a minimum 2.75 EMU GPA and meet SAP*. 
  • Recognition of Excellence Scholarship

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    This scholarship awards $2,000 and the renewal criteria requires you to enroll in 12 hours each semester, maintain a minimum 2.75 EMU GPA and meet SAP*. 
  • Transfer Scholarship

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    This scholarship is a one-year award for $1,000 and requires you to enroll in 12 hours to receive the full award. The award amount will be prorated for 1/2 & 3/4 time enrollment.  
  • Transfer Incentive Award

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    Eastern Michigan University recognizes the significance of transferring to a new university, and we want to reward our Fall 2021 Transfer Students for choosing EMU and registering for fall courses! A one-year $2000 Transfer Incentive Award will be granted to new transfer students who register for Fall 2021 classes by August 1st. The Transfer Incentive Award is for Fall 2021 only and requires 12 credit hours of enrollment per semester to receive the full amount. Award amounts will be prorated for 3/4 & 1/2 time enrollment.

    The priority deadline for full award consideration is June 15. Students who apply for admission after June 15 will need to meet the following criteria:

    • Transfer from a 4-yr regionally accredited institution with a minimum of 30 transferable credits or
    • Have an associate degree

    *This award is not available to students enrolling in programs that are already discounted, such as RN to BSN or Information Assurance and Cyber Defense (online).

  • EMU Frontliner Scholarship

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    This scholarship is available to new incoming transfer students who participated in the Future for Frontliners Scholarship at one of our community college partners. Awards will be renewed for up to four or five semesters, depending on Pell grant eligibility. 

    Pell grant recipients will receive full tuition (EMU Frontliner + Pell Grant) for up to 12 credit hours each semester for up to five semesters. Frontliners who do not demonstrate Pell eligibility will receive a tuition scholarship for $5,000 split over four consecutive semesters (fall and winter only). 

    To renew, students must enroll in at least 12 credit hours each semester and maintain an EMU GPA of 2.0 and meet SAP*. For answers to additional questions, please visit the admissions Q&A page.

  • MICUP-BEAT Scholarship

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    Michigan College and University Partnership (MICUP) grant helped Eastern Michigan University establish a program focused on development and support of transfer students. This program is also referred to as Baccalaureate Education Achievement Track (BEAT).

    Through surveying our transfer students, MICUP-BEAT staff has found that affordability is often key to success. We also found that our transfer students are hard workers deserving of a Bachelor’s degree. To support transfer students’ hard work and dedication, and increase the affordability of their time at EMU, MICUP-BEAT is offering qualifying students a one-time, tuition waiver equivalent to 3 credits of tuition based on EMU's block tuition rate policy. To get more information and apply, please visit the Academic Success Partnerships website.

  • EMU Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Scholarship

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    This scholarship awards $1,000 with a maximum of five scholarships each academic year. To qualify, you need a minimum transfer GPA of 3.5, a membership in the Phi Theta Kappa and your most recent work must be completed from a PTK inducted community college. The renewal criteria requires you to enroll in 12 hours each semester, maintain a minimum 2.75 EMU GPA and meet SAP*. It can be awarded up to four semesters. Download the verification form and submit to the Office of Admissions.

Formula to determine the maximum number of semesters of scholarship payment:

Sophomore (25–55 credits) = Six semesters of eligibility
Junior (56–84 credits) = Four semesters of eligibility
Senior (85+ credits) = Two semesters of eligibility 

*SAP = Satisfactory Academic Progress: Requires you to earn passing grades in a minimum of 67% of the credits you take. Grades of F, W, I, N, NC or repeated classes are not "earned."

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